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June 13, 2005

Blech! Pthfft! Ptooey!

The Ambler, who has been on a wonderful tear of late, sinks his teeth into Ted Byfield's hilarious foray into the politics of breastfeeding. I have nothing to add to Mr Grace's delightfully vicious post except to highlight this passage from Byfield's column:

It [breastfeeding] suggests the idea of wealth, of plenty, of richness. You get the same feeling when you look at a field of full, ripe and rich wheat or barley, waving in a light August wind, the sentiment some great and unknown Jewish poet expressed in the 65th psalm:

The fields shall be clothed with sheep,
And the valleys shall stand so thick with corn
That they shall laugh and sing.

Well, sure. And what do you think of when you look at a jar of Similac? Aisle six at the Price Chopper? Exactly. So get those jubblies out, ladies.

Only in the Calgary Sun.

[UPDATE June 16: Michelle Malkin uses Ted Byfield as a source for a quote and gets burned (scroll down to "Corrections"). Lesson learned, I guess.]

Posted by Chris Selley at June 13, 2005 10:33 PM