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June 26, 2005

Gay snide

Ted Byfield, soothsayer:

Meanwhile [as the country is going to hell in a C-38-brand handbasket], lesbian couples will have been allowed to adopt children. Would it not be vicious discrimination to deny them such a right? It certainly would, the [supreme] court will rule.

And since gay women have that right, surely gay men should be allowed to adopt little boys. How can the court say no?

There's nothing quite like being threatened with the status quo. For the love of criminy, gays and lesbians already have the right to adopt children. (Proviso: According to a Manitoba Justice Review Panel Report, such adoptions are prohibited in New Brunswick, PEI and the Northwest Territories.) 930-odd thousand Canadians notwithstanding (none of them Albertan), this argument is among the reddest herrings you're likely to come across.

It's also incredibly offensive. It presupposes that a child is better off living in perpetuity in foster-care limbo rather than being adopted by an otherwise capable, qualified and caring adult or couple who just happens to be homosexual. That's not just nonsensical; it's truly hateful. It should be eradicated from the public consciousness no matter what happens with C-38.

Posted by Chris Selley at June 26, 2005 07:37 PM