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September 07, 2006

Say it a thousand times and it's true

Sheila Copps may no longer be a politician, but she’s still a liar:

According to a recent SES-Sun poll, Canadians respect Harper's willingness to make decisions, but there is real doubt about the nature of those decisions. As two opposition parties weigh in, there will be pressure on the PM to withdraw Canadian troops from a peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan that has turned into war.

She must know that’s not true. Her boss never called it peacekeeping, nor did his successor. What is wrong with these people? Tell me it’s unwinnable. Tell me Canadians are too gentle to fight wars. Pitch me any kind of opinion and try to back it up, but please, we have got to stop rewriting history — especially history that’s not even five years old. The Liberal speeches are all on the record: this will be a long war; it’s not peacekeeping; expect casualties. By the standards of the Chretien and Martin governments, they were remarkably clear on the nature of Canada’s mission in Afghanistan.

This is not a partisan matter. This is the chasm between functional adulthood and mental retardation. Sheila Copps needs to mind the gap.

And then there’s this:

Harper should prepare an exit strategy, which shares the burden of war with other countries and ensures continuity in Afghanistan.

Two things:
1. Does Copps actually think we’re the head honcho in Afghanistan? Were it not for the “peacekeeping” thing I’d assume that was impossible.
2. Again, Sheila, you’re not a politician anymore. You might get away with suggestions like "ensuring continuity in Afghanistan" in a press scrum, but not in a newspaper column. The problem is that it doesn't mean anything. And if it did, I fail to see how it could possibly mean anything good.

Posted by Chris Selley at September 7, 2006 09:49 PM

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I have been POUNDING this train of of thought everytime Jack has opened his mouth lately.

Try using this link, It's Bill Grahams speach when he was still defence minister......

Here is a chunk of it....
That is why we were there as early as 2002, in Kandahar, in a combat mission to deal with international terrorism. It is why we pressed for NATO to take over ISAF and then subsequently provided some 2,000 troops to a mission led by Gen Rick Hillier, today the Chief of the Defence Staff.

Posted by: DazzlinDino at September 7, 2006 11:08 PM

I was wondering if you supported the current Afghani government. You remember - the one that was set to provide the death penalty for a Muslim who wanted to convert to Christianity.

They're the same one that's overseen one of the largest opium crops in recent history.
I suspect you'll delete this comment as you did my previous one, but I'm just trying to get a bead on what side of "reason" you're attempting to play off here. Also I was wondering if maybe, just maybe, you had a position on the actual issue as opposed to an "opinion" on the glad-handers doing their Pravda schtick. Try "a little more Kaplan" and a little less "Limbaugh". You know... if you can. Mocking politicians is fodder for grade schoolers.

Posted by: King Hubbert [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 8, 2006 05:47 PM

Give it up - mocking *stupid* politicians is a duty for all intelligent people to solemnly partake in. All stupid politicians should be mocked as much as possible, as we haven't really gotten onto assassinations yet.

What I like about Chris is that he's open to mocking politicians of any stripe, of any party - he's not selective. He's not weak-mindedly partisan.

Which is why you're having such trouble grasping him. Chris has the rare ability to see hypocrisy and stupidity on both sides of an issue.

In other news, this was a great post. God, Copps was embarrassing in Parliament - I'm glad she's gone.

Posted by: Jason B. Green at September 8, 2006 07:45 PM

errr... well no.
I appreciate Chris's blog and I don't have problems "grasping" him, thanks. With thousands of other places/blogs to go, you can bet that if I had problems "grasping him", I'd be gone. You appreciate that the Net simply draws off that whole Gladwellian "like minded" stuff right?
Maybe not.
Personally, I have issues with bringing *any* form of democracy to a country where most folks cant spell their names. Dragging some ancient tribal parlor puzzle kicking and screaming into the 21st century will only ensure more Canadians find themselves fed into a meat grinder. Ask England, Russia, etc etc etc... *That* is a real, considerable and weighty issue that Mr Selley could be devoting his intellectual efforts towards. You know, reasoning whether it's "worth" it or not. Heck, that's Ignatieffs whole "lesser evil" schtick.
How about wrestling with some tough stuff once in a while?
Spewing spitballs during a bout of "you started it" is hardly worth consideration because after all, Sheila Copps is an EX-POLITICIAN. Moldy and mouthy but still an EX.
At this rate, Mr. Selley will be hammering away at the ludicrous floral design at his local bakery.

Posted by: Anonymous at September 8, 2006 10:58 PM

If any country is technically unsuited to democracy it would be Canada: the French and the English, talk about ancient tribal hatreds.

Posted by: wsam at September 11, 2006 10:31 AM

Actually, I don't grasp your comment myself, to be honest. I think Chris takes an open-minded and intellectual approach to both sides of an issue (well, maybe not the airport...) and examines each argument very well. I don't think it matters that Copps is not a politician - she is a commentator now, like Paul Krugman or Paul Jackson, and that's worthy of hammering away at. I think Chris handles himself well wrestling tough stuff. I'm certain that I can recall this site asking the exact question of reasoning whether it's "worth" it or not. Copps still deserves a well-earned kick to the shins for her dishonesty, and I missed it, so I'm glad that Tart Cider caught it.

Posted by: Jason B. Green at September 11, 2006 10:45 AM

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