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April 26, 2008

Behold: Content

Kudos to Murray Whyte for hacking into the Toronto Star's web publishing system and somehow managing to file a story from Chicago about how handgun bans are not, repeat not, the be-all and end-all of solving urban gunplay. Recently at Macleans.ca, I took a stab at cramming David Miller's square proposal for an anti-handgun ban into the round hole of supply-and-demand economics and found that it didn't really fit. Or rather, I couldn't find the hole. Nobody knows how many Canadian "crime guns" come from domestic sources and how many are smuggled across the border, nor can anyone definitively say whether the latter supply would be unable to make up for cutting off the former. But it's symbolic, Miller and his fans will claim, and well it might be. The problem with symbolic statements of national intent, however, is that there is no national intent in Canada. There are law-abiding handgun gun owners who consider this none of their business, there are symbol-happy urbanites like Miller and hundreds of thousands of other Torontonians, and there are millions of people in between.

With that out of the way, I present a random sampling of other relatively recent other contributions to the Maclean's empire:

A Q&A with Alberta Liberal leader Kevin Taft. It's just as breathtakingly exciting as it sounds!

A tragically, scandalously short contribution to the magazine about the return of the McRib.

A probably too-long short contribution to the magazine on the occasion of junior Tory pitbull Pierre Poilievre's visit to Toronto to turn his nose up at the Ontario budget. (Honestly, I've never encountered anyone less prepared to answer the most basic question imaginable—"What are you doing here?")

A history of brutal Leafs trades. And, with my colleague Philippe Gohier, what I think is a rather fun "Harper's Index"-style rundown of the blue-and-white nightmare.

For the love of cripes, why can't we get rid of drugs in Canadian prisons?

British Columbia is the capital of Canadian kidnapping. Thankfully, the perpetrators are all morons.

Human rights legislation protects drug addicts, but not casual drug users. Discuss.

Shock-horror! Bosses don't have to give Ontarians Family Day off! But then, they don't have to give them Christmas Day off either...

With regard to Robert Latimer's case, a look at how other jurisdictions have dealt with gut-wrenching child murders.

A naive attempt to hold commentators in the abortion debate to account for their pronouncements, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of R. v. Morgentaler.

And, of course, you will want to visit Macleans.ca's new blog setup, which is, to say the absolute bloody least, extremely better than it was. Soon—very soon—there will be comments. Ideally, Megapundits I have slighted will turn up to exact their awful revenge.

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