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April 11, 2008

Revenge of the striped monkeys

There was appalling refereeing in St. Paul and Newark tonight. Words can scarcely describe the awfulness of it. And nobody cares. Pierre McGuire, that useless bloviate, didn't even see fit to comment on a stomach-turning call by one of Dan O'Halloran or Eric "Who?!" Furlatt against Minnesota's Kim Jonsson that put the Wild down 6-on-4 and led directly to a last-minute tying goal that's sending the game, as I write this, to overtime. (Keith Carney just won it. Good. Go Wild. No, wait, looks like it might very well have been kicked in, but they're not even going to bother reviewing it, because... well, who knows. Mike Murphy wants to go to bed, maybe. (UPDATE: Consensus, among those bothering to mention it, seems to be it went off Ruslan Salei's skate.))

In New Jersey, meanwhile, Brent Sutter quite justifiably threw a stick on the ice in fury and escaped any censure. Why? Because the interference call against Jamie Langenbrunner--and the subsequent, dead-easy even-up non-call against the Rangers--was too god-awful. Too completely, jaw-droppingly wrong. Sutter would have torn one of Dave Jackson or Chris "Who?!" Rooney a third corn-chute.

Please, NHL. Stop this.

Posted by Chris Selley at April 11, 2008 11:28 PM

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