In the '80s we thrilled to the crime-solving exploits of freelance skip-tracer Michael Knight and his snooty t-top K.I.T.T., who patrolled the generic towns and countrysides of America in search of orphans, hobby farmers and girl guides to rescue from a well-oiled alliance of corrupt cops and evil megacorporations. But behind the scenes, all was not well. The network fought endlessly with a hardscrabble group of screenwriters who were determined to make the show edgier and more violent. Tart Cider has obtained a dossier of unproduced screenplays they provide a fascinating glimpse into the life, and death, of one of television's most memorable series. Here, in a TC exclusive, is...

A Nice, Indecent Little Town
A Good Knight's Work
Knight of the Fast Lane
Deadly Maneuvers
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You hear a lot these days about how hard it is to buy a house. Balls! The trick is simply to move someplace horrible. So stop whining, cancel your appointment with Habitat for Humanity and put on your bulletproof vest: you're about to enter the unfinished bargain basement of the shitty real estate market. You must be at least this cynical to ride the...



Follow the ongoing adventures of...

"My Daddy"
"Second Grade"


Relive childhood memories, or actually, since they're not your memories, live them for the first time...

Anyuckokofrah vs the Village
Why I Hate Comrade Dwergnovic


Whether it's squirrelly doctors in Antwerp, deathtrap bike lanes in Copenhagen, under-publicized political assassinations in Paris, or the Irish Republican Army inexplicably bombing the Irish Republic, the world is a much scarier place than you think. The United States Department of State knows better. Take to heart their...

"Watch Your Fannypack"
"Beware the Outlander"


Religion... what century is this again? Around the world, people flock away from churches whose beliefs linger in an era of blister-bottomed young boys sent to their rooms without pie. Then again, 59 per cent of Americans believe the Book of Revelations is going to come true: fire-breathing dragons and such. What the hell is up with that? Here, Tart Cider profiles three lesser-known and most assuredly wrong religions. Get your notebooks out it's time for...

The Seventh Day Adventists
The Jehovah's Witnesses
The Druids


Thrill to the...

Vegan activist Bruce Friedrich; Philippine garbage avalanche survivors


Go on safari in the...

Sheffield, England
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
The Middle East